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1) What ad sizes do you accept on the behalf of your publishers?
    We currently accept banners that are in the following formats: Standard Banners (468X60), Leaderboards (728X90), Rectangles (300X250), Skyscrapers (120X600) and (160x600).
2) How often do your publishers get paid?
    All publishers are paid on an net-60 basis. BardzoMedia does NOT charge ad serving fees for it's publishers.
3) How do you pay your publishers?
    We pay out publishers via PayPal. Wire transferring services are available to publishers that accrue over $2500.00 per month.
4) In what funds will publishers be paid out in?
    We pay out in USD (United States Dollar).

5) What is the minimum amount a publisher must attain before being paid out?
    The minimum amount that all publishers must attain before being paid out is $25.00 USD.
6) What types of websites do you not accept on your network?
    We do not accept any free hosted sites, pornographic sites, sites promoting hate, or sites that are not in english.
7) How long does it take for an application to be processed?
    Applications are processed within 10 business days after you confirm your account.
8) Do publishers get access to statistics?
    Yes. Our system allows access to statistical data in realtime.
9) Is there a referral program in place for publishers?
    Yes. We have created a referral system for all publishers. For each publisher referral we will pay $5.00 USD provided the publisher is accepted into the network and generates the minimum payment alotment atleast once.

Latest News

February 5th
Publisher payments issued and first set of upgrades completed.

January 9th
Page tracking added. Now publishers can see which pages perform best for their site.

January 8th
Click tracking fully functional.

January 2nd
Publishers payments issued, custom reports are fully functional and publisher referral system online.

January 1st
Happy New Year from all of us at BardzoMedia.

December 29th
International publishers are eligible to join the BardzoMedia ad network.

December 28th
Publishers payments issued..

December 5th
Publisher payout minimum reduced to $25.00 USD.

November 26th
Publishers payments issued.
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